Jos Theys Boerderij

Sluisbeekstraat 9, 3220 Holsbeek (Belgium)
Phone +32 16 623525
Fax + 32 16 623528
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Restaurant open from:

  • Thursday till Saterday, from 5 p.m. untill 10 p.m (other moments upon request)

Order & buy meat: from:

  • Tuesday til Thursday from 9h30 to 14h
  • Friday and saterday from 9h30 to 17h.

Chef : Jos Theys
Service and reservations : Uguette Theys

Butchery : Hugo Cops  (phone +32 16623525)

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Caution if you use GPS !!

If you would follow the GPS instructions, and you come from the direction of Leuven, it is possible that the GPS indicates a path which is not accessable by regular cars. Please always follow the yellow plates with "Jos Theys Farm" and you will arrive safe and relaxed at the restaurant.

The Jos Theys Farm is easily accessible from the Brussels national Airport.

From the airport follow "E40 Leuven / Li├Ęge". On the E40, take the exit to the E314 in the direction of Hasselt Leuven-Eindhoven. On the E314 take exit 21 (Holsbeek). After the exit turn right and follow the yellow plates along the way.


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